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Boris Bernards, the founder, started to manufacture toys with his father in their home garage in New Zealand in the early 50’s as a part time venture while studying Civil Engineering at the local Technical College. He found that he had an affinity for woodworking which far surpassed his interest in engineering and metal work.

He took a job in a furniture factory as a “general hand” which entailed offloading delivered lumber (Timber) and stacking it in the open to air dry, and placing kiln dried lumber inside in racks, ready for processing into furniture. He was later taken inside as a beginning machinist to “rough cut” the lumber (prepatory to sizing) readying it for shaping etc.

He progressed through the factory to machinist, then shaper and joinery departments, and finally to assembler. This further whet his desire to learn more about woodworking and furniture making in particular. Over the next few years he spent time in factorys, workshops studios, working with talented cabinetmakers and machinists, wood turners and veneer layers and joiners, adding to the overall skills and experience of the various disciplines of furniture making. The additional time spent in a chair-making factory was an eye opener, as was a year in a custom shop making one of a kind pieces, from bombe chests, to bureaus, to armoires and china cabinets etc.

This led to opening a workshop, allowing for an opportunity to branch out into other woodworking experiences. This included designing furniture, manufacturing pre-cut modular small cabins (for use as beach homes) , or when added together, actual living quarters for those handy customers who wanted to assemble their own buildings, as well as the burgeoning pre-cut furniture field, etc.

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